Sunday, September 11, 2011

Is something missing?

“Something’s missing? Or is it that I’ve forgotten something?”
Do you ever have that feeling? Wandering around the house looking for that thing you may have forgotten. Or just the strange feeling that something’s not right in your world. I felt like that for the past 2 ½ years. Honestly at times I just couldn’t put my finger on it. You see I went through a rough patch in life. The loss of two parents, my beloved cat (jojo) and the dissolve of a marriage, just to name a few. Not being quite sure what was missing, I thought maybe its love. I must find love.  Big shoes to fill for any man, to fill what‘s missing. You see it was love I was searching for, but not the love of a man. The love of my art. Though I have been a miniature artist for many years, the events of the past few years made me lose sight of why I am an artist in the first place. My art became my sole income and I begrudgingly went into my workshop, because it was my job.  Now as if a light has been cast down on me I realize the empty space I have must be filled. And it needs to be filled with creativity.  I hope my blog inspires the artist in you. That when you’re lost, you’ll find your way back. Here’s an honest look into the heart and soul of an artist.


  1. Thanks for shareing, missguided? or miss guid? ;-)
    I know the feeling, itś so fantastic to be in your "natural environment".
    You need pease and harmoni for your inspiration.
    I also wish everyone thats wander, finds it!

    Making miniatures is so fantastically addictive! Try it!
    <3 Cilla

  2. I am beyond amazed that you found my blog so I could find yours. Both of them.

    I thought you were someone new but actually I have known you or rather your work for a while now since I have listed your website on my blog under Master Artisans a couple of years back.

    I hope you post often because reading your posts made my heart leaped. Yea, it's excitement, simply because I feel the same way about love and minis and your words resonate so much with how I feel that I could not help but be excited.

  3. Wow! It's so nice to meet you! Your blog is truly wonderful. It's so very inspiring, I could get lost in it for a week. I look forward to reading your posts. :)

  4. I LOVE your blog! Even your nom de plume, MissGuided is perfect. I, personally, have used the names Miss Carriage, Miss Conception, Miss Understood and even Miss Take. But all that was ages ago...

  5. John-thank you so much! Someone asked me if Missguided is "misguided" or "Miss Guided". I prefer to think it's the later. Either way, guided none the less..taking many wrong turns to get to where I need to be. :)

  6. Hi,I`d love to see your work! Miniregards from sunny Spain,Sonia.

  7. hi tink- i hope you'll visit my website: :)